Ximea is a German company manufacturer of industrial and scientific monochrome and color cameras (Peltier cooling). These cameras are optimised for machine vision applications.

  • High resolution: until 20 MP
  • Interfaces: USB3 Vision, USB 3.1, USB 3.0, PCIe
  • Sensors : CMOS or CCD
  • OEM products
Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac Os and more than 30 popular machine vision libraries (LabVIEW, Cognex Vision Pro, Norpix, Open CV, Scorpion...)




Ximea, industrial cameras, USB3 Vision interface

Ximea, USB3 Vision cameras for machine vision and scientific imaging applications USB3 Vision xiQ Series - Sensors CMOS
Formats: 1/1.8", 1/3", 1/2", 2/3" and 1"
Resolution: from 648 x 488 to 2048 x 2048 pixels
USB3 Vision interface
C or CS mount
Monochrome, color and near IR

Ximea, high resolution industrial cameras USB 3.1 xiC Series - Sensors CMOS
Formats: 1/1.2", 1/1.8", 2/3", 16,1 mm and 17,6 mm
High resolution: from 1936 x 1216 to 4112 x 3008 pixels
USB 3.1 interface
C or CS mount
Monochrome and color

Ximea, high resolution USB 3 industrial cameras for machine vision USB 3.0 xiD Series - Sensors CCD
Formats: 11, 15,8 and 16mm
High resolution: from 1934 x 1456 to 4242 x 2830 pixels
USB 3.0 interface
Monochrome and color

Ximea, high resolution miniature camera USB 2.0 Miniature xiMu - Sensor CMOS
Format: 1/2.5"
Resolution: 2592 x 1944 pixels
USB 2.0 interface
S (M12) mount
Monochrome and color




Ximea, high speed cameras for image analysis and image processing PCIe Series xiB - Sensors CMOSIS
Formats: 28 and 41mm
Resolutions: 4096 x 3072 and 5120 x 3840 pixels
PCI Express interface
Monochrome, color and near IR