cartes d'acquisition National Instruments

Alliance Vision proposes high-quality, economical frame grabbers, incorporating many advanced features and aimed at increasing the performance of your vision application.

National Instruments frame grabbers allow you to trigger image digitalisation from various sources and to control peripherals fitted with digital I/O.

The NI Vision Acquisition Software configuration utility is delivered as standard with all the NI frame grabbers. It enables you to configure a wide range of cameras delivering various formats of analogue or digital video signals.

  Analogic video sources:
    RS-170, RGB, NTSC, PAL, CCIR, progressive scan.
Digital sources:
    Digital cameras and sensors, area and line cameras. CameraLink, IEEE1394 (A et B) and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.
Digital inputs/outputs/
    Relays, solenoïds, general sensors, optic sensors...
NI grabbers also operate with DyVA-s (for high-speed video) acquisition and storage software.


Frame grabbers interface
Number of results returned : 19

CameraLinkPCI116/32 Mo4
CameraLinkPCI Express14
CameraLinkPXI116 Mo4
CameraLinkPCI Express11
CameraLinkPCI Express21
FirewirePCI0215 entrees, 14 sorties
FirewirePCI Express0215 entrees, 14 sorties
GigEPCI Express0115 entrees, 14 sorties
Numerique parallelePCI132 Mo4
Numerique parallelePCI116/80 Mo4
Camera Link FullPCI Express0512 Mo
CameraLinkPCI Express0
FirewirePCI Express0
GigEPCI Express0