The DyVA-s range of high speed video solutions makes it possible to view a scene frame by frame to extract the various phenomena that appear within it, whether these phenomena are unexpected, occasional, or even too fast to be perceived by the human eye.

It is a valuable monitoring tool for analyzing an event and/or understanding the causes of an incident through access to the sequence of the story line and its origin.

  • Single or multicaméra
  • Real time recording of images and time stamps in memory or on hard disk
  • Up to 2000 fps (full frame)
  • Up to 16 hours of recording
  • Software or hardware event management
  • Troubleshooting (pre/post trigger acquisition)

Logiciel de video rapide DyVA-s


DyVA-s can easily be used to its full capacity in industrial engineering as an innovative methodof investigation: testing-stand, crash-tests, process refinement aid, repairing occasional breakdowns...

In experimental science, DyVA-s is an indispensable tool for observing ultra-fast phenomena: explosions, vibrations, movement analyses, changes in biolological populations,...

  The high-speed video software, DyVA-s  Recorder & Player, can be sold separately or in a complete pack that includes all hardware necessary for recording: camera, lighting, capture station, etc.

The devices included in these offers have been selected with great care to guarantee an optimal and directly operational turnkey solution.

The DyVA-s Recorder & Player software interface is intuitive and user-friendly while offering advanced functionalities.

Dyva-s, solution de video rapide

DyVA-s Recorder&Player software suite:  
  • DyVA-s Recorder: module for capturing, playing and saving very high-speed image sequences
  • DyVA-s Player: module for advanced playback and export of images sequences

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  • Real time recording of images and time stamps in memory or on a hard disk
  • Single or multi-camera recording (synchronized cameras or not)
  • Black and white or color capture
  • Compatible interfaces: GigE GenICam / IEEE-1394 / CameraLink /  USB          
  • Various recording modes: single shot, continuous, loop and timelapse
  • Image recording and playback in various formats: bmp, jpeg,jpeg 2000, avi, tiff, multi-tiff, raw, png, dyv
  • Batch file conversion
  • Software or hardware event management:
    - software: motion detection, change in luminosity,...
    - hardware: signal synchronization by pedal, switch...
  • Pre/post trigger capture for Troubleshooting
  • Interactive region of interest (ROI) configuration
  • Live image display during capture. Multi-camera and multi-screen display available
  • Camera settings integrated into the software (guaranteed for DyVA-s packs; to be verified on a case by case basis for all cameras)
  • Many image processing modules: luminosity and contrast correction, rotation, symmetry, binarization,...
  • Multiple embeds on the image: time-stamp, cross hais, text, image,...
  • Remote software management by TCP/IP
  • Disk performancemeasurement
  • ulti-language interface
  • Windows 32 and 64 bit compatible