Behavioural study and analysis
Study and analysis of laboratory animal behaviour (rats, mice).


  • Real time traching of the animal's location and displacement (position, distance from defined points...).
  • Real time determination of animal posture (sitting, upright, on hind legs up against a wall...).
    Suivi et étude comportementale par système de vision

Cell counting and measurement

Determination of the surface area, circumference, position and number of cells. Tracking in real time the morphology and movement of marked cells.


 Comptage et dimensionnement de cellules 


Classification of bacterial cultures by chromatography

Identification of bacterial culture by color using chromatography techniques.

  • Automatic identification of the region to be analysed.
  • Automatic identification and grouping of cultures by their color in each region.
  • Elimination of extraneous features (surrounding bubbles).
  • Automatic centralisation of the plate of analysis.
Classification de culture de bactéries par chromatographie



Analysis of sedimentary core samples

Software designed for geographical an petroleum applications in the analysis of oceanic and continental sedimentary core samples.

  • Driving a motorised analysis table to recompose an entire image of the core samples taken by X-ray radiography.
  • Processing the images to detect the sedimentary layers.
  • Detecting traces left by biological organisms.
Analyse de carottes sédimentaires océonographiques et continentales



Tracking of eye motion

Real time tracking (50 images/sec) and study of the motion of both eyes.

  • Automatic search and find of the pupil center.
  • Determination of the eye center trajectory in X and Y coordinates, giving 50 points per second.
  • Robust algorithm to partially closed and blinking eyes.
Tracking de l'oeil



Analysis of skin marks

Acquisition of color images of skin lesions using a Kodak digital camera.

  • Analyse of the morphology and color of skin marks.
  • Tracking the evolution over time of different lesions of the same patient.
Analyse de naevi en dermatologie



Mapping neural networks
A range of software programs designed for the neurological sciences, includes:

  • Acquisition of color images of brain sections seens through a microscope, each identified by a displacement of X, Y and Z to produce a neural map.
  • Reconstitution of the images from a defined point to visualise the neural links to the resolution of the cut depth.
  • Export images to Photoshop and Freehand.
  • Juxtaposition of images to reconstruct and entire cross selection.
  • Removal of extraneous objects and manual retouching of image.
  • Mapping of zones of interest.
  • Drawing the contours of structures visible under the microscope
  • RS-232 control over the microscope settings and plate position on a motorised stage.
Cartographie de réseaux neuronaux

Thin plate chromatography

A dedicaced range o software ideal for analysing 2D thin layer chromatography plates giving the user the ability to automatically identify and qualify the constituent components of the sample.

  • Automatic identification of the migration strip.
  • Differenciation between the control and test trip.
  • Automatic determination of the primary spots.
  • Measurement of the migration parameters of the secondary spots.
  • Calculation of the surface area of the secondary spots with respect to that of the primary spots.
Chromatographie CCM


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