Production quality control
Software for controlling the presence and color quality of machine painted spots, used to identify car springs in their assembly.


  • Verification of the correct positioning of the paint spots on a helical surface.
  • Classification of the springs by absence or presence of the paint spots on specific coils of the spring.
    Test de ressorts de suspension automobile

Crash test analysis

Vision techniques applied to the analysis of movement.


  • Creating marking vectors and tracking them over a sequence of images.
  • Automatic tracking and shape recognition of objects in the image (pattern matching).
  • Option to predict movement of objects by theoretical calculation of trajectory.
  • Option to save a sequence, with its markers, in a AVI file format.
  • Saving the results in graph or table format to EXCEL (velocity, acceleration, trajectory...).
  • Supporting specialized outputs from high speed cameras.
Analyse de crash test : la vision appliquée à l'analyse de mouvement

Quality control of manufactured pharmaceutical pills

Controlling size ans other faults types in manufactured pharmaceutical pills, in poor lighting conditions.


  • Measurement of roundness of pills.
  • Detection and verification of correct color.
  • Analysis of the homogeinity of blister pack.
  • Classification of faults.
Contrôle d'aspect et des dimensions de gélules pharmaceutiques en mauvaise conditions lumineuses

Inspection of Liquid Crystal Display screens

Test and control of cellular phone LCD screens.

  • Detection of faulty inclination of the screen.
  • Detection of faulty pixels (checkerboard test).
  • Detection of icons.
  • Detection of manufacturers' logo.
  • Measurement of backlighting.
  • Measurelent of contrast.
  • Validation of the casing color.
  • Validation of the quality of color printed patterns (hang up = red, dial = green...).
Inspection des systèmes d'affichage à cristaux liquides

Controlling correct assembly of electronic board components
On-line verification of the presence, position and orientation of electronic components that are recognised by their shape.


  • Learning from a master reference board.
  • Detection being invariant of position, ange of rotation, and magnification of the board image.
  • Detection being robust to lighting variations.
Vérification de présence de composants

Certification of laser beam characteristics

Real time control and diagnostic of laser beam characteristics.


  • Profiling of user defined and automatically determined axes.
  • Fitting polynomial curves to the laser beam profiles.
  • Calculation of the center of energy intensity.
  • Calculation of the overall energy in user defined units.
  • Measurement of the morphological characteristics of the beam.
  • Visualisation of the beam stability.
  • Measurements made on part (ROI defined, thresholding) or all of the beam.
Certification de faisceau laser

Analyse and control of LEDs

Analyse color of the electro luminescent diodes and interpretation of the results from a CIE chromaticity diagram.
  • Detecting the RGB color intensities.
  • Conversion of RGB values to CIE coordinates.
  • Production of the results in a CIE diagram.
  • Automatic control of camera (black/white balance, shutter speed, gain...).
    Analyse colorimétrique de diodes électro-luminescentes et interprétation à partir d'un diagramme CIE

Control paper print quality

Analyse the quality of paper print.


  • Determining the coefficient of ink smudging.
  • Determining the color fusion coefficient.
  • Determining the print precision.
    Analyse qualitative d'impression sur papier

Detection of impurities in electrical insulation material

Quality control of plastic strips samples used in fabrication of high tension electric cable.


  • Detecting holes/faults on the plastic strips.
  • Determining position, level and classification of impurities in the plastic.
  • Statistical analysis of the results, export data in table form to a computer file.
    Détection d'impuretés dans un isolant

Guiding system for heat scalant robot

Computer controlled vision system to guide robot in heat seal flexible connectors.


  • Detecting the two elements to be sealed with high precision.
  • Guiding the motor to correctly align the two elements.
    Assistance à un robot de thermo-collage par logiciel de vision
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