Manufactured by the German company Tichawa Vision GmbH, the CIS is an innovative linear vision system designed for industrial applications such as the inspection of scrolling surfaces (paper, textiles, glass, plastic,...) or for inspecting cylindrical parts (tubes,...). This technology, based on scanners and redesigned to the requirements of industry, is an excellent alternative to conventional linear cameras. It offers many advantages: tichawa logo
  • resolution (up to 100 kpixels) / large inspection width (up to 4 m)
  • short working distance (from 10 mm to 75 mm)
  • constant image angle across the width to be inspected (no deformation)
  • constant image sharpness over the entire width
  • includes the light source (direct lighting or back-lighting)
  • incorporates a specific high-quality lens without distortion
  • simplifies installation and adjustment

The CIS range comprises 3 families: VARICIS, MAXICIS and TUBECIS. The company also proposes its products in OEM version and plans to adapt its range to agro-food standards.

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tichawa varicis - Switchable resolution.
- Higher resolution up to 2400 DPI.
- Higher line rate up to 45 kHz.
- Multispectral VRCIS Sensor monochrome, RGB, UV and IR.
- Géometry correction.
Système de vision linéaire Tichawa


tichawa maxicis - MXCIS Sensor length up to 4160 mm.
- High spatial resolution up to 2400 dpi.
- Rugged design.
- MXCIS Sensor monochrome or RGB.
- Line rate up to 60 kHz.
Système de vision linéaire Tichawa


tichawa tubecis - Compact CIS Sensor including optics and light source.
- Resolution: 200, 300, 400 or 600 dpi.
- Inspection of interior or exterior surfaces.
- Line rate up to 9 kHz allow scan speeds up to 1.125 m/sec.
- TBCIS Sensor monochrome, UV and IR.
Système de vision linéaire Tichawa